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Best Guitarist


Marnie Stern doesn’t take home this honor every year. (That would make us look lazy.) But she could. Dammit, she could. She certainly could’ve taken the prize in 2013, following the splendid guitar-shred clinic The Chronicles of Marnia, which put the blazing glory of her finger-tap style on full display. This year she had no new music on offer, which only made us realize we missed her and the perfectly precise, high-note-heavy scrum she has mastered. No new album didn’t mean we couldn’t watch those lightning-fast fingers in action; Marnie has become a regular stand-in on Late Night With Seth Meyers with the 8G Band, jamming with Fred Armisen and filling in when he’s off shooting Portlandia. There you’ll find her — albeit in short bursts — mowing down non-believers with six strings of straight-up fury.

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