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Best Hair on a Local TV Personality (Male)


Maybe there’s some distortion, due to the layers of plastic over the taxicab TV screen. Or maybe it’s because we’re usually lit up when we’re splurging on a cab. Or maybe it’s just that taxi-television (and WABC) entertainment reporter and movie critic Sandy Kenyon sports a ‘do that is as jubilantly puffed-up as what we gape from the backseat. Haystack-thick, the ruddy orange of robin’s breast, but still of the electric now, Kenyon’s marvelous mane has a lift and kick to it, like maybe the image has been flipped and he’s actually hanging upside down. “It’s like I’m high, but only when I look at that,” a friend observed a while back while Kenyon warned cab-riding parents away from taking older kids to see Dolphin Tale 2. Another friend, who stood next to him at a urinal over the summer, confirms: In real life it’s less garish in color — but even more majestic in body. That friend adds that Kenyon was much nicer than he needed to be about being stared at.

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