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On the busy corner of First Avenue and 7th Street, Saifee Hardware & Garden plies its unique brand of genius: neatly fitting approximately 14 kabillion indispensable items into its tiny environs. The clowns-in-a–Volkswagen Beetle version of a hardware store, Saifee stocks tools, paints, electrical and plumbing supplies, locks, keys, housewares, lighting, lumber, gadgets, carpets, garden supplies, and doodads too numerous to mention. In a neighborhood that sees a good chunk of its 50,000 or so residents move in and move out in the space of a few years (or at whatever price point the rent become unbearable), Saifee is a destination for sprucing up a new place or doing the due deep cleaning before a move-out inspection. The staff is careful to ask every customer if they need help finding something — a helpful and necessary touch given the density of the inventory.

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