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Bottle service, snobby doormen, and starfuckery in the meatpacking district are so over. For the real spot to see and be seen, head way uptown to La Marina. Nestled below the Cloisters on Dyckman Street, the restaurant-cum-lounge is an island idyll in Manhattan’s upper reaches. Sip mojitos and nosh on yucca fries in one of several cabanas on the sand, enveloped in the breeze off the Hudson. A secret this good can only last for so long. Jay-Z and Beyoncé broke La Marina’s low-key seal in 2012, and soon after, celebrities like Lil Wayne, Rihanna, and Leo DiCaprio have flocked to the Heights for a taste of paradise. Don’t want to ride that A train? True ballers can dock their boats in La Marina’s slips.


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