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Thomas Waugh, the bartender behind the precisely crafted drinkable collages at ZZ’s Clam Bar, also developed the menu here at the Lobby Bar in the Ludlow Hotel, and he makes deft work of complex ingredients. Sip a Moroccan-inspired manhattan brightened with Japanese whiskey, suck down a guilty pleasure based around banana-chip black rum, or idle over a peachy yogurt-and-tequila blend that’ll make you wistful every time you subsequently pluck a Chobani from the office fridge. This is one of the trendiest openings this year, and you’ll join the beautiful people milling around the bar while they wait for their table at Dirty French — they’ll share planter’s punch on concrete sofas in the back courtyard, and they’ll eschew cheaper Lower East Side happy hours for $16 spiced-stone-fruit gimlets.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 15, 2014


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