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Best Italian Restaurant


Zahra Tangorra didn’t train with Michelin-rated chefs; in fact, she didn’t train professionally at all. But at the former hip-hop insider’s low-key Cobble Hill trattoria, Brucie, Italian cuisine gets the greenmarket treatment with a daily-changing menu of boot-centric small and large plates. Balsamic tomato tarts share the table with atypical dishes like risotto with squash blossoms, corn, cheddar cheese, and harissa. In the past year, Tangorra’s been experimenting with menu layout, and now offers a trio of oversize main courses for two or more, including an air-conditioner-size hunk of lasagna for $45, and breaded pork Milanese pounded thin and served with bagna càuda, red potatoes, and a fried egg. If you live in the area, don’t miss out on the restaurant’s pan exchange — customers bring in empty pans and have the kitchen fill the containers with a choice of lasagna, meatballs, or chicken parmigiana.


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