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This tiny shop is bewitching. Literally. As in: It sells books on witchcraft, candles, incense, crystals, and basically the whole prop closet from The Craft. The urban-pagan motif makes for an enchanting atmosphere — handcrafted dreamcatchers, feathers, and planters are suspended from the ceiling — but the real draw of Species by the Thousands is its one-of-a-kind jewelry. It’s the work of artist and Brooklyn local Erica Bradbury, who began crafting her accessory line in 2005. Drawing inspiration from the natural (and supernatural) world, her bangles, rings, and ornate breastplates incorporate the imagery of twigs, wolves, snakes, and astrological signs. The use of clean geometric shapes modernizes, but it also introduces a cave-painting-like sparsity, resulting in pieces befitting of a Druidic priestess, or just your everyday average JMZ commuter (it’s right off the Marcy Ave. stop). Bradbury credits her signature aesthetic to ’70s psychedelia and “a lot of Twin Peaks in my early teen years.” The combination has resulted in some creepy, cool, and elegant designs.

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