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Best Jukebox


Full disclosure: Analogue does not actually have a jukebox. It has something significantly more awesome, in the form of a vintage Thorens turntable running through a Citation solid-state tube amp, which, in turn, drives a pair of bomb-ass speakers (Bozak Symphonies, if you’re keeping score). It also has an owner: former investment banker Jared Gordon, whose private vinyl collection is more than 5,000 titles strong. And here’s the best part: He will happily play just about anything in his stash. Gordon is a jazz and blues head — his collection contains some obscure recordings that will make your head spin — but he has plenty of other gems, too (on a recent trip, we spotted some choice Bowie and vintage East Coast hip-hop titles). And he’s game to play it all. The year-old Analogue also happens to have an impressive drink menu. Gordon likes to think of his joint as an “unpretentious craft cocktail establishment that happens to play good music.” And he’s not far off: It’s not a jazz club, but it probably plays more jazz than any bar you’ll visit this year; it boasts a number of expertly made cocktails, but they’re not made by a twisty-mustached hipster who uses beakers and Bunsen burners. It’s a jukebox kind of bar. It just doesn’t have a jukebox.