Best Of

Best-Kept Secret (Restaurant Division)


Follow the narrow hallway that runs alongside a Japanese butcher shop on Great Jones Street. When you reach the door, ring the buzzer and give your name. You’ll be led into Bohemian, a members-only restaurant that looks like the apartment of an eccentric globe-trotter: See the miniature Japanese garden, skylight, and minimalist world map; hear the sounds of an acoustic guitar. The food is Japanese-ish, with items like ultra-fresh sashimi, wagyu beef, and mushroom croquettes topped with generous dollops of cold, oceanic uni. Don’t miss dessert — ice cream is gelato-rich, in flavors like an intense dark chocolate or sour-sweet goat cheese. And cocktails are especially stellar: The Type C is bright with yuzu, and the floral Jimi’s View incorporates lavender-infused vodka. Why is this place a secret? You’ll need a reservation to get through the door, and obtaining a table is no easy feat with Bohemian’s phone number unlisted. Try emailing the address on the website with your most earnest plea for membership.