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Good lingerie is not cheap, and cheap lingerie will give you rashes in unspeakable places. So when we talk about the best lingerie, we’re talking about the stuff we’re willing to shell out serious money on — lacy, strappy, delicate things that cannot be laundered with anything else, must be handled like Fabergé eggs, are generally a pain in the neck, and are somehow still so, so worth it. And the place to find the finest, sexiest, top-of-the-linest unmentionables is Agent Provocateur, whose wares are on offer in NYC at two standalone stores as well as at Bloomingdale’s and Saks. This place has range: everything from your basic but exquisitely well-constructed bra-and-panties sets to the heavy artillery of the lingerie world — teddies, garter belts, and some corsets that could hang in a museum if they weren’t on their way to being crumpled on your floor. The environment is exactly what you’d want for a sexy-underthings-buying experience. The Mercer Street store houses a lush boudoir setting and impossibly glamorous staff in cheeky red lipstick. Be sure to go online to and check out the (far more affordable and still gorgeous) budget line, L’Agent.

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