Best Live Music Venue


Part of what makes Santos Party House the Best has little to do with the customers who flock through its doors. It’s the bands. The place is run by musicians (among them, full disclosure, our own advice columnist Andrew W.K.) and folks who have otherwise performed in some capacity or another in front of live crowds for years. As such, bands and performers at Santos are treated really well — on a recent guided mini-tour through the venue, we were shown specially built hallways designed specifically for ease of load-in and -out for bands playing one of the place’s two stages. That’s right, Santos is two levels — a big, swanky ballroom up top and a tight, perfect black-box theater on bottom — and is therefore specially suited for the diverse array of performers who come through its doors. A dance-party freakout from an A-list DJ or performer like Aloe Blacc can pop off upstairs while an open-mic comedy show keeps ’em giggling down below. Rather than jack the drink prices through the roof like many music venues, you’ll pay a reasonable amount for your cocktail or beer, especially for this part of town. It’s hard to have a bad time here. There’s a reason “Party” is in the name of the place.

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