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Best Live Music Venue to Die in the Past 12 Months


The eulogies for some music venues come in at thousands of words, as sentimental rock critics prattle on and on and on about the influence borne by some space that was only ever around for a year or two. Lulu’s, which opened in 2005, offered a chance for new bands to play their first shows and provided patrons free pizza with their beer. It was a place where you could easily find yourself regularly, either for the pizza ‘n’ beer combo or to check out some new band that featured ex-members of some other band. Together, they created a recipe for return visits to the bar at the corner of Franklin and Greenpoint. Lulu’s patrons saw the neighborhood’s nightlife change around it, and owner John McGillion told the New York Post in April that he was “barely scraping by on the proceeds of the bar.” McGillion had plans to transform the joint into a gay bar — until he ran into a bizarre clause in the lease proscribing exactly that. Weird. Consolation comes in the fact that McGillion’s other joints, the Charleston and the Alligator Lounge, remain, for those of us in search of free pizza with our beer.


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