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If the clichéd “resurrected phoenix” metaphor could be employed earnestly without the eye-roll, Red Hook Winery would be the bird, and Hurricane Sandy would be the ashes. Facing the possible demise of their four-year-old urban winery business, owner Mark Snyder, winemakers Abe Schoener and Bob Foley, and a dedicated staff made a remarkable and inspiring recovery. The tasting room reopened last year, and this fall, over 40 wines from four vintages will finally be released. Fortunately, the wines show as impressively as the story they tell. Red Hook Winery focuses solely on New York State fruit, utilizing a duo of cult California winemakers (Schoener and Foley) to create individual expressions of the same lot of grapes. Wines range from whites like sauvignon blanc to New York’s signature red grapes, merlot and cabernet franc.