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Best Manhattan


If we’ve learned anything from drinking in the mason-jar-issuing borough that is Brooklyn, it’s not to judge a cocktail by its glassware. So when Julie Reiner and the team at Clover Club present us with a somewhat precious Nick and Nora glass filled with a serious manhattan, we know better than to swig it — even if the accompanying sidecar, a small carafe in a bowl of crushed ice, suggests extra booze is just a hand-grab away. As for the specs, the team stirs two ounces of Rittenhouse Rye with Angostura bitters and house vermouth — equal parts Punt e Mes and Cinzano Sweet Vermouth — before straining it into the ’30s-style stemware and sinking the concoction with a pick of Luxardo cherries. For your second round (more like third — that sidecar is generous), opt for the Slope, a Bulleit Rye–based variant that balances Punt e Mes with apricot liqueur and Angostura bitters. 

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