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While taking in the sights and sounds of the Rockaways, a pizza from Whit’s End is required eating. Whitney Aycock, the shop’s temperamental owner, makes every pie himself, and there’s no bad choice among the 12 varieties on offer. But while you’re perusing the menu — which features the aggressively titled “fuckin’ bluefish dip!” and includes such enlightened toppings as charred lemon, wild-harvested mushrooms, and taleggio and fior di latte cheeses — do turn your attention to the bottom portion of the menu, labeled “some of our many faults.” There you’ll find a litany of rules and regulations bearing such bold declarations as “we don’t offer slices EVER!!!” and “everything we touch has gluten on it.” Aycock also cops to saying “fuck” a lot, and lets everyone know that he doesn’t “sell the man’s soda.” Power to the fuckin’ pizza, dude.

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