Best Multiplex


Let’s be real: Multiplex movie theaters are one of the few things that are better elsewhere than they are in New York. Here, they can be sticky, crowded, appallingly overpriced, and have bathrooms whose grossness rivals that of the Port Authority. Except for the Angelika Film Center, which besides being the best multiplex in town is one of our favorite places to see a movie, period. The Angelika deals exclusively in independent films, the bigger ones and a few you’ve absolutely, positively never heard of, a carefully curated selection screened in pleasant theaters that are neither sit-in-your-neighbor’s-lap tiny nor the kind where you’re crammed in next to 10,000 fellow filmgoers. Apart from the quality of the films, the Angelika is a delight to visit: It’s beautiful, clean, and airy, and the upstairs café is the perfect place to enjoy a baked good or five while waiting for showtime.

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