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Best New Comedy Club


On no less than seven nights a week (that’s the most number of nights in a week) you’ll find NYC’s top comedians doling out big belly-laughs and opening up tear ducts in a tiny, 80-capacity room in Gramercy at The Stand. There they book solid bills of experienced comics, but always leave room for younger, hungrier talent. They have the best food of any comedy club. They don’t have drink minimums. Their bar is warm and welcoming, somewhere you’d want to hang out even if you weren’t going to see a show. And their showroom is ideal: very low ceilings (to keep the laughs in), intimate but you’re not sitting on top of someone else. Also, their “logo” is a stylized image of Mike DeStefano (look him up), an ex-addict with HIV who, before he died, turned his life around with stand-up. He’s the spirit animal of the place. And that’s really damn cool.