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Best Nonfiction Work About New York


Going into Goodbye to All That: Writers on Loving and Leaving New York, you might assume it’s going to be an unremittingly bitter collection of essays. But what it is is powerful: After a few essays you’re probably going to shudder a bit with nostalgia for your green years in New York, and then shut the paperback and put it on your nightstand, your head filled with thoughts of rising rents and an era when it seemed easier to live as a writer in New York City….You shouldn’t read this collection in a single weekend, as its emotions are a bit too potent for a condensed session. Instead, spread out the experience. Taken in measured doses, this collection of 28 essays, compiled by New York expat Sari Botton and inspired (as the title implies) by Joan Didion’s 1967 essay “Goodbye to All That,” is nothing if not ultimately uplifting.

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