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We are all the sum of our experiences, but Juni pastry chef Mina Pizarro leans heavily on her star-studded past — a pastry assistant position at db Bistro Moderne, an opening team post at Per Se, a professional sojourn in northern California — so that her dishes are complex in ways that hint at her nuanced perspective. Simple dessert names — think “caramel–basil–tomatillo–corn” or “rhubarb–ginger–hyssop” — reflect the ingredient-first philosophy she adopted out west. Each plate’s composition — caramel custard topped with sweet-corn ice cream and garnished with charred corn crumbs, basil gel, tomatillo-lime ice, and caramel-popped sorghum for the former; or pineapple and hyssop sorbet with dollops of ginger custard and paper-thin slices of ginger-snap-seasoned rhubarb for the latter — showcases the heightened techniques that are found in only the most serious kitchens.


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