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Best Photo Booth


You can take all the selfies you want during the Nets game or concert you’re taking in at Barclays Center, but nothing will compare to the high-quality photo you can shoot in one of the four MetroPCS Photo Booths therein. The booths function as phone-charging stations on their exteriors, but the interiors, designed to harken back to phone booths of yore, are actually photo booths where you can shoot yourself for free, then email or text the result to yourself. The background’s a black-and-white photo of the Brooklyn Bridge, guaranteed to inform your Facebook pals exactly where you were last night (or to remind yourself, if you, um, overindulged). While someone else is hogging the bright-purple booth and you’re waiting on the wrong side of the door, you can keep abreast of the game or show on one of the TV monitors built into the exterior walls, all while juicing up your device. Hooray for multitasking!