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Best Pizza (Sicilian-Style)


Nobody tell Nick Kroll’s Ghost Bouncers, but Prince Street must be home to some serious pizza-poltergeist action. That’s the only way to reconcile with square slices so good they make us quake in our boots. As the storefront that launched a thousand pounds of mozzarella and confusion, Prince Street Pizza inhabits what was, for 52 years, Ralph Cuomo’s Ray’s pizzeria. The new guys carry the torch with heads held high. Among the five available square slices, find a superlative Sicilian with an impressive blend of flavors and textures, its crust pillowy up top and crisped on the bottom. That gorgeous bread canvas supports a murky flood of marinara and large flaps of just-browned mozzarella. The rest of the menu doesn’t disappoint, either.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 15, 2014

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