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Best Place for a First Date


If you’re looking to lock in that second date, take bae to the Sycamore Flower Shop and Bar for the first. What makes this place so special? Well, it’s an all-inclusive date experience. Your afternoon drinks can include a bouquet of flowers for the lucky cutie you’ve escorted here. Weekend afternoons as well as Thursday and Friday evenings include the pop-up food event Flatbush Food Court in the gorgeous, spacious backyard, where local restaurants offer up tasty treats for patrons. All of a sudden, your afternoon drinks turn into evening cocktails, and at night the backyard glows with its enchanting stringed lights and is soundtracked by the DJs who host either weekly or monthly parties at the spot. Seeing that you’ve chosen such an eclectic and low-key location off the beaten path, your date is guaranteed to swoon.

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