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Best Place for a Grown-Up’s Birthday Party


It’s your birthday, dammit, so don’t give in to that impulse to name a generic, largish bar as a celebratory gathering place and call it good enough. Do something memorable that’ll make you feel young again: Take the Staten Island ferry (free, and you can booze aboard) to a Staten Island Yankees game at Richmond County Bank Ballpark. What minor-league play lacks in flawless execution it more than makes up for in atmosphere — and even if you’re not interested in what’s transpiring on the field, you’ve got nine long innings to socialize, drink beer, and stuff yourself with foods that will, well, shorten your life expectancy. The Yanks’ ballyard boasts a view of the Hudson River, and there are postgame fireworks on Friday and Saturday nights. Need more convincing? Consider the price, which is very, very right: One group deal rings in at $20 per person and nets you $14 to spend at the concession stands. Your party’s a bit more flush with cash? Suite packages, like “Room With a View,” are $35 per person for 20 people, loaded with free food and drinks, and easy to score.

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