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Best Place for a Last Date


The Campbell Apartment might sound like the setting for an illicit tryst, but the gorgeous Jazz Age bar located inside Grand Central Station was once the office of millionaire financier John W. Campbell, and as such it is best suited to business — such as the business of breaking off a courtship. It is dimly lit and popular, i.e., dark enough and loud enough to offer the illusion of privacy, while remaining public enough that if your date takes the news badly, he or she might be effectively deterred from causing a scene. If, one drink in, you start remembering all of the reasons you were interested in the first place, head downstairs to the Grand Central Oyster Bar and see if those bivalves can’t rekindle the romance. And if you don’t, just pay the bill and disappear into the crowd coursing through Grand Central at any given hour on any given day.

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