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Best Place to Decorate Your Entire Apartment


Way back in 2008, the Voice awarded Pearl River “Best Place to Buy Gifts on a Budget.” In 2012 we upped the ante to “Best Chinatown Kitsch Superstore.” But as the years go by and Pearl River’s might remains unchallenged, it’s time to call this place what it is: one of the best stores in New York, period. The cavernous two-story space is especially wonderful, though, when you need to decorate a new place from stem to stern: Start downstairs and gather up kitchen stuff, some art, a delicate tea set or two, some toys for the kids, a waving maneki-neko (those good-luck cat figurines), a lamp shaped like a wooden lantern….Then head upstairs for the big guns: vases, a portable waterfall, maybe a stone Buddha that weighs a ton. Make that two big-ass Buddhas! OK, probably not even one. But if you ever move into a space bigger than a broom closet, Pearl River will be there for you.

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