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Best Place to Drink and Do Laundry


Dread laundry day no more. It’s a novel concept, but also entirely practical, and frankly, we’re surprised no one had thought of it before now. But this past March The Wash House made it happen: a bar that’ll do your laundry for you while you relax and have a drink. Just cart your load down to this rustic Lower East Side joint, conceived by the team behind nearby Little Fox Cafe. The pleasant interior is fitted with a reclaimed-wood bar and vintage décor, not to mention six industrial-capacity washing and drying machines in a small back room. Pass off your unmentionables to the barista for a reasonable $1 per pound, and while they’re spinning, enjoy the selection of microbrews (served in mason jars, in case you were wondering if there was any other way to drink a microbrew) or, you know, coffee (if you don’t generally do your laundry in a panicked middle-of-the-night frenzy like we do). This place has gotten a lot of press for its sartorial perk, but even if you can’t lug your clothes all the way to Manhattan, it’s worth a stop just for its grilled cheese. We recommend “The Crunch,” with potato chips melted right in, or “The Red Fox,” with chorizo and Jamaican peppers for kick.

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