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Best Place to Get Lost in the Woods


There really aren’t a lot of places to get lost in the woods in New York City. In fact, there’s really only one. Inwood Hill Park has woods — by which we mean, like, there’s-a-Sasquatch-in-there-somewhere woods. In this nearly 200-acre oasis, you’ll find miles of trails, not to mention cliffs, towering old-growth trees, the odd cave, and none of the manicured nonsense you get in other city parks. This is straight Nature at Its Finest. Keep an eye out for jewelweed, with its tiny orchid-like blossoms and exploding seed pods; mocha-centered black-eyed Susans; the occasional diurnal raccoon (careful with those); and much more in the last remaining wild patch of New York City, right on the tip of Manhattan. On your way out of the park, grab some mofongo in the thriving and too-often-overlooked Dominican neighborhood around Dyckman Street. It’s the perfect end to a day in an unlikely wilderness.