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In olden times, circa 1999, Manhattan friends used to sneer at the notion of a dinner invitation that required them to trek all the way out to Brooklyn. Now that those people have colonized the very borough they once despised, it’s time for savvy New Yorkers to seek out any secret pockets those pesky hipsters might have overlooked. Exhibit A: Washington Heights, one of the liveliest, most livable, and, for now, most affordable Manhattan neighborhoods. Pre-war apartment buildings abound, but there are few small brownstones — that means you won’t have ambitious, disingenuously affluent Brooklyn types buying them up and turning them into mini-mansions. The conveniences you look for in any Manhattan neighborhood — diners, grocery stores, mom-and-pop dry-cleaning establishments — are plentiful, and the upper reaches of Broadway are dotted with enough cheap, tasty Dominican restaurants to keep you exploring for months. Best of all, you get to live near one of the most majestic bridges in the city, if not the nation: The George Washington Bridge, spanning the Hudson since 1931, is here to welcome you to your new neighborhood. Oh, and once you’ve moved here, don’t share the secret with anyone else.

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