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Best Place to Meet Women


Forget Tinder. Part of being a man is developing the courage necessary to walk up to a beautiful woman you’ve never met and initiate a conversation. A woman can learn a lot about a man by the way he goes about this business. She will engage or reject, and all the man can do is put his best smile forward and accept her verdict. But a man can at least put himself in the best possible environment to succeed. Clubs — too loud. Bars — too predictable. Subway platforms — only for extra-smooth fellas with next-level game. But a sprawling, quiet, classic bookstore like The Strand?…Oh, excuse me, Miss, is that James Baldwin you’re browsing?…And a genuine, intellectually stimulating, common-ground conversation can blossom. If she rejects, there are plenty more aisles to wander. Because you learn much more about a woman from what books she reads than from what profile photo she carefully selects.