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Best Place to People-Watch


One of the Lower East Side’s most redoubtable old dives, holding the line against an encroaching tide of bros with popped collars, Iggy’s Keltic Lounge is, blessedly, not a “scene.” It’s just a bar, a really good one, dimly lit, rowdy and a little grotty, featuring a few creaky arcade games, sticker-plastered bathrooms, and extremely strong drinks. But best of all, it’s always got a reliably entertaining cross-section of New York swirling through its doors and taking a seat at the red-tinted bar: stolid barflies, aging punks, absurd hipsters, sorority and fraternity wolfpacks (these last usually don’t stay long). A seat at Iggy’s is a ride on the glorious, sweaty, inebriated, tattooed carousel that is the LES on its best nights.

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