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Best Place to Walk Your Dog


Though intended for humans, Joseph Beuys’s outdoor artwork 7000 Oaks offers Chelsea pooches unending opportunities for a sniff and a whiz. Begun in 1982 with an extensive tree-planting in the German city of Kassel during Documenta 7, the German performance artist’s project went global several years later when the Dia Art Foundation started planting saplings — gingko, linden, and oak among them — paired, as were Beuys’s originals, with waist-high basalt pillars that look as if the Druids left them. We don’t have 7,000, but at present more than 30 columns line the sidewalks near the foundation’s headquarters at 535 West 22nd Street, with a smattering stationed on adjacent avenues. The nonstop line of uprights, a gesture of environmental activism and urban renewal, has produced a canine hotspot where neighborhood doggies send and receive their (forgive us) pee-mail.

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