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Hardcore punk band Ajax (pronounced like the cleaning product, not the soccer team in Amsterdam) released their demo in December 2013. So in punk years, the band is entering its gilded period right about…now. Led by guttural vocals that separate the band from its contemporaries, Ajax play a style that is (thankfully) back in vogue at the moment, newly dubbed “USHC” (U.S. Hardcore), a genre that pays as much attention to old dogs Negative Approach as it does to modern weirdos Hoax. The four-piece also owes a musical debt to long-running Swedes Totalitär. While Ajax are geographically split between Brooklyn and points upstate, a growing number of gigs over the summer of ’14 and a new song (“Chain Gang”) hold promise for the future of the band, which includes former or current members of other notable New York groups Creem, Nomos, Nuclear Spring, and Warthog.

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