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Best Red Bulls Player


Whenever he scores a goal, Bradley Wright-Phillips performs a sweet little celebration. He jogs to the corner like most players do — but on his way, he kicks up his heels a few times as if he’s dancing along to a joyful little ditty. Yes, it’s silly, very Dorothy-in–The Wizard of Oz. But having seen it a lot this season, we’ve grown to love it, and the man who does it. The son of Arsenal scoring legend Ian Wright, the 29-year-old striker has Thierry Henry, the greatest Arsenal player of them all, feeding him quality passes around the goal, a fact that, in some circles, has called into question Wright-Phillips’s own skill. His goal against Bayern Munich during the 2014 MLS All-Star game on August 6 put that poppycock to rest: He received the ball with the good fortune of having no Bayern players in his immediate vicinity, took a touch, and shot it into the upper right-hand corner, past the face of a sprawling Manuel Neuer, the German keeper who just might be the best in the world. (See for yourself at Wright-Phillips’s goal tied the score at 1-1 in the 51st minute, and the MLS side went on to victory thanks to a second goal scored by some guy named Landon Something-or-Other. Maybe more kids will adopt that heel-kick dance now.