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Best Restaurant for an Internet Date


This massive German beer hall offers several antidotes to blind-date awkwardness: Having trouble finding a conversation topic? Peruse the carefully curated draft and bottle list together, and wonder what a beer named “Old Engine Oil” might taste like. Encountering unbridgeable political opinions? Surely you can find common ground over shared enjoyment of Belgian fries with truffle oil, or a soft pretzel smeared with house-made mustard. Discovering that your seemingly articulate OkCupid buddy is, in fact, totally socially inept? Play a round of Jenga — the bar stocks several boxes of the game. The lively atmosphere at Spritzenhaus is always dependable, with roaring fires in winter and open windows with views of McCarren Park in summer. And it’s always crowded enough to cover for any first-encounter hug or handshake blunders.

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