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Best Restaurant in the Flatiron


There are dozens of Mexican treats worth sampling at Cafe El Presidente, from the freshly squeezed juices slung from a stand just inside the door to market ceviches stung with lime to traditional breakfast foods like empanadas. But the item here that most makes our heart sing is the platter of tacos al pastor, little pork and pineapple packets that, when done right, are transcendent. And here, they’re done right — pork is roasted on a spit with slices of pineapple, which drip juice into the meat, giving it a candied crust and a sweet infusion. When it’s crisp around the edges, that pork is shaved into a corn tortilla and then topped with charred bits of the fruit, plus cilantro and onion. These tacos come sided with salsa, but trust us, all you need is a squeeze of lime.

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