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Best Restaurant in Tribeca


In a narrow basement beneath Japanese restaurant Daruma-Ya sits Sushi Azabu, a quiet counter devoted to edomae sushi, that pristine and simple combination of vinegared rice and fresh fish. You can order your pieces à la carte, but best is to submit yourself to an omakase, which nets you delicate bite after delicate bite turned out one at a time by the chefs, plus traditional hot and cold dishes that display brilliant Japanese cooking. If a full tasting is not in the cards, try a sushi or sashimi special, which encompass several different items on the menu, as well as themed flights, so that you can try several cuts of tuna or sample uni from a few different regions. Azabu is quiet and romantic, and meals here last a long time — so choose your dining partner wisely, and know that this is a good place to take a date.

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