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The New York City hard rock and metal scene would be a desolate expanse of predictable venues and bars if it weren’t for Saint Vitus. Located in the most unassuming spot in the northwesternmost corner of Greenpoint, Vitus is detached from everything else in the surrounding area in both style and mentality. Its remote location and nondescript front door makes it seem secret, almost hidden from the trendy coffee shops and Polish markets on Manhattan Avenue. The stage, although home to some of the most iconic and important touring metal acts of the last few years — think Cro-Mags, Eyehategod — only rises about two and a half feet from the floor. The stage hangs low just like the lighting and lends itself to no pretension at all. In short, the audience and the band aren’t separated by an invisible wall at Saint Vitus — they’re equal and mutually engaged in the same ritual.