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We know New York is the best city in which to experience the World Cup. Nearly every bar with a functioning television will show the game and try to outdo each other with drink specials. But what about watching soccer during the 47 months between World Cups? There are club bars sardine-packed with imbibing supporters, but you might be looking for more of a general-interest soccer bar. During weekend afternoons after the World Cup froth has evaporated, most of these non-club soccer bars are downright roomy. The best of them is Berry Park in Williamsburg. While its rooftop deck is lauded by those who wear T-shirts that scream, “SUNDAY FUNDAY,” fans of the fútbol will stay inside and watch the games on a massive projection screen, choose from an all-imported beer list, and kill the hangover with a barbecue bacon burger (or an avocado BLT). Maybe you couldn’t be bothered to wait in line just to watch Lionel Messi score for Argentina during the World Cup. At Berry Park, you can have your pick of seats to watch him do even better for Barcelona the rest of the year.

This article from the Village Voice Archive was posted on October 15, 2014

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