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Best Spin Class


Any spinning studio that can put together solid bike intervals and a good playlist is bound to lead you through a decent workout, but it’s still not going to be as good as Flywheel. Why? In part because Flywheel’s instructors are better at what they do, each choreographing a tight succession of climbs and sprints hitched to a beat and broken up by a mid-ride arm workout. Beyond that, this New York City–based chain of studios provides extra amenities that enhance every class: free shoe rentals, free bottled water, free lockers, and free post-workout fruit, plus on-bike technology that shows you just how hard you’re working and a leaderboard you can opt in to if you’d like to compare results and compete with your fellow riders. And while Flywheel certainly inspires loyalty among its members, it stops short of feeling like a cult — no need to prove you’re a card-carrying member when you’re not in class.