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Watching baseball is never about just watching baseball. It is about conversations with friends between pitches and roaming the concourse when the legs are stiff in the fifth inning. It’s also about lots and lots of beer and hot dogs. A Brooklyn Cyclones game is built for these indulgences. Tickets at MCU Park are $10 every Wednesday and not much more on the other six days of the week. There are creative gimmicks, like a Nickelodeon-co-sponsored “The ’90s Are All That” night. The bleachers sit low at the Coney Island ballpark, and so the Atlantic Ocean seems to stretch to the horizon from just beyond the outfield walls. It’s a magnetic sight. But don’t sleep on the competition on the field. Sure, it’s not the majors, but you’re watching players with even more at stake: They’re young men on the Mets’ short-season-A affiliate — pretty much the lowest rung of a player’s professional baseball career. So each day is one that could bring their dream closer…or shatter it.