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Best Sports Beer Garden


Space and TVs and beer: the necessary ingredients of a quality sports bar. A $5 pint means little when you can’t move your arms in the scrum of bodies jockeying for a sightline to the 24-inch flat-screen behind the bar. At the Brooklyn Tap House, there is bountiful space and TVs and beer. The warehouse-sized watering hole in Bed-Stuy has 44 beers on tap and television screens lining every wall. But the real attraction is the patio, where the game (or fight, or match) is projected high up on the wall of the adjacent building and you can sit at one of the dozen-plus picnic tables to watch. Bigger crowds mean louder cheering, and a fuller sense of that unified spirit and passion that makes following sports so enjoyable. Which is why you didn’t watch at home.

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