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The biggest surprise about scrawny high schooler Kamala Khan’s transformation into the latest incarnation of the long-running superhero Ms. Marvel was not that Khan is an American Muslim. Nor that she’s the first Muslim character to headline a monthly Marvel comic book. Nor that, being a geek for superheroes herself, as she vaulted off for her first adventure with her new shape-shifting powers, she actually willed herself into the more standard mold of buxom blonde avenger. (Later on, she learned to be herself even when wearing a mask.) Nah, the surprise — besides the smart, funny, gorgeous, moving qualities of the comic itself, written by G. Willow Wilson and drawn by Adrian Alphona — is Khan’s other first. Has there ever before been a major superhero from Jersey City? Here’s to Ms. Marvel, protector of the sixth borough! Now, where’s the movie?

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