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Sushi Dojo chef David Bouhadana grew up in Florida, but he exhibits a religious convert’s zeal for his craft. He honed his skills under serious Japanese masters, and he’s now putting the lessons to work in the East Village, where he turns out a board of fish that’s well-rounded, exciting, and original — and ever-changing, as different seafood comes in and out of season. You can order à la carte here, in which case you should start with carefully crafted vegetable appetizers and end with uni or a hand roll. It’s better to sit at the sushi bar and let Bouhadana give you a lesson as he turns out a modestly priced omakase feast, placing one stunning dish after another before you as he details the tradition, heritage, and technique that go along with what he does. He’ll take you on a journey, and you’ll likely never see raw fish the same way again.

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