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Yes, your kids might balk at the thought of a toy store that’s also half stationery shop: What’s fun about school supplies? But for 28 years the crew at Stationery Toy World has demonstrated that much of the purest fun comes where those categories overlap. Here’s aisle after aisle double­stuffed with the kind of fun you make yourself: glitter paint, googly eyes, rainbow laces, glowing stars, model kits, Play­Doh extruders, every kind of sparkling marker, and the city’s best collection of stickers. Even the toy toys encourage hands­on creativity — the puzzles and block kits and plastic soldiers so old­school they don’t bear the likeness of movie or cartoon heroes. Most weekdays you’ll find friendly, chatty Donna Schofield behind the counter; she has run the joint since it opened, when her family moved from wholesaling toys and office supplies to peddling them. But you know what they say about old habits — check the thousands of pens for sale by the register and you’ll see that Schofield and Co. will never get the warehouse out of their blood. Just two years after losing serious inventory to Hurricane Sandy, the store swells with the means for kids — and you — to create, whether with ink, paper, balloons, or Legos.