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Best Used-Clothing Store


Used-clothing stores fall into two rough categories: the kind where you spend hours digging, only to emerge grimy and exhausted with one or two treasures, and the kind where after 20 minutes you start nervously checking your bank balance because you know you’re about to embark on a very serious buying spree. The gorgeous and carefully selected stock at Beacon’s Closet falls firmly in the second category. The store’s flagship is in Greenpoint, but they’ve expanded into three more locations over the years and now boast stores in Bushwick, Park Slope, and on 13th Street in Manhattan, just steps from Union Square. At every store, there’s a seriously impressive array of stylishness, ranging from some very upscale designer and vintage duds down to non-fancy but still adorable sundresses, chunky boots, and a great, ever-changing collection of accessories and small housewares. Go on a weeknight for a less crowded and more leisurely browsing experience. A place this popular is bursting at the seams on the weekends.