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Best Vegan Pizza


All of the specialty pizzas at Vinnie’s Pizzeria are made with 100 percent vegan ingredients, and there’s much, much more here than just fake cheese and a few veggies. The kitchen takes strange ingredients and throws them together to make weird pies that are extraordinarily tasty, like the “Mac’s Reprise,” with elbow macaroni, ground vegetables, soy mozzarella, soy cheddar, and Frank’s hot sauce on a thin New York–style crust. Or the “Black Bean Taco,” built with black beans, pico de gallo, soy cheese, and, again, Frank’s. Everything is sold by the slice, too, which means you can sample as many flavors as you’d like. (Besides the Williamsburg location, there’s a Vinnie’s in Greenpoint, at 253 Nassau Avenue; 718-389-2600.)

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