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Best Vocalist (Male)


Outside of heavy-metal circles, Owen Rundquist is known best for his haunting artwork, but throw the man a guitar and a microphone and his other talents become instantly apparent. After honing his chops back home in Spokane, Washington, with death-metalers Pathos, Rundquist’s relocation to NYC saw him fronting death/crust bruisers Trenchgrinder with a vicious, guttural growl. Soon after, he launched Anicon, gracing the band’s Finnish-inspired black-metal maelstrom with a caustic howl. To the uninitiated it may all sound like noise, but there’s an insane amount of control and technique that goes into those unearthly screams and shattering lows. This vocal versatility is paramount to Rundquist’s metallic success, and the key to how he’s able to flit from style to style and conquer each one.

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