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Best Wedding Venue That Won’t Freak Out Your Elderly Relatives


It’s a tale as old as time: Two young professionals who’ve moved to Brooklyn meet through an internet start-up/installation art project/adult kickball league, fall in love. Before they know it, they’re scrambling to plan a wedding ceremony that doesn’t resemble the Bushwick warehouse party on Girls. The Green Building provides the ideal solution: a refined Brooklyn aesthetic that’s guaranteed to be grandma-flying-in-from-Idaho-approved. The gorgeously refurbished factory bills itself as “an elegant multi-use space located in the Carroll Gardens neighborhood,” which we guess is classier than calling it where it really falls — straight-up Gowanus Canal–side. But fluffing is unnecessary, because this place has class, in spades. Built in 1989 as a brass foundry, it’s a prime example of industrial-chic reclamation, keeping the original brick walls and exposed-beam ceilings but gussying them up with chandeliers, romantic lighting, and modern amenities like a food-prep area, bar, and sound system. Large windows open onto a stately courtyard, and the hidden 1920s-era speakeasy serves as an eccentric bridal dressing room. Long, Hogwarts-style dining tables allow guests to mingle and eliminate the fuss of seating arrangements. Banking in at about six grand for a weekend wedding, it’s one of the city’s better deals. A planner helps handle the details, and there’s plenty of parking on the quiet surrounding streets for second cousins driving in from Jersey. This impressive venue will help you on your way to marital bliss without alienating out-of-towners, while allowing you to take wedding photos that look like they came out of a hyper-glossy lifestyle mag.

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