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Best Wine List in a Restaurant


Williamsburg grill St. Anselm, nationally recognized for its $16 hanger steak, edges out other city lists in the best value wine category not because it’s the cheapest (a word often confused with value) but because oenophile owner Joe Carroll takes a minimal-markup approach to his eclectic array. Drawing heavily from the States, Italy, and France, Carroll stocks something for every taste. Indie cult California labels Mathiasson, Rhys, and Scholium Project share space with natural and biodynamic wines like Frank Cornelissen’s funky Mount Etna rosé and Ted Lemon’s NZ Pinot project Burn Cottage. An array of half-bottles, “yellow” Vin Jaune from Jura, and “orange” wine hailing from Friuli-Venezia to Long Island round out a list that falls predominantly between $40 and $70. Bottles that surpass $100 wholesale see a price adjustment of just 150 percent — the same as your local wine shop.

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