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There were times when the Derek Jeter Farewell Tour seemed…a bit over the top. The time the Cleveland Indians gave him that portrait of himself crafted from Lego bricks. The time Nike released a 100-second, hyper-sentimental commercial of various celebrities and working folks (and even Red Sox fans) tipping their caps to No. 2. But few titles in sports are as hallowed as “Yankee Legend.” Jeter will retire with more hits, doubles, stolen bases, and games played than any Yankee, ever. Only Babe Ruth holds as many franchise records. In August, Jeter got his 3,431st hit, more than any shortstop in baseball history and more than all but five other players. The year-long coronation of the latest inductee into the rarefied Pinstripe Pantheon provided the only true thrill in an otherwise pathetic Yankee season, and no one can say the man didn’t go out on a high note — walking off with a game-winning RBI in the Bronx, and then encoring with a run-scoring single — his 3,465th and final hit, to cap his career with a cumulative .310 batting average — in game 162 against the Sawx at Fenway.

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